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Liquid Metal


Our range of liquid metal finishes provides a diverse selection of textures and the option to combine various metals such as bronze, brass, dark bronze, copper, iron, zinc, and aluminium to achieve bespoke finishes and personalized services. It is important to note that our product is not a type of paint but rather a liquid metal that is made up of more than 90% pure metal in most of its finishes. This feature ensures a highly durable and long-lasting finish.
Our liquid metal finishes can be used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, whether it is for commercial or residential properties, furniture, walls, or floors. Additionally, with appropriate preparation, it can be applied to a range of surfaces such as plaster, wood, tiles, Hardie Board, concrete, Venetian stucco, Marmorino, microcement, fibreglass, paper, metal, acrylic, cement render, stone, glass, and foam. The variety of metals available to use in our liquid metal finishes provides limitless possibilities, making it the perfect solution to achieve a distinct and bespoke look on any surface.

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