top of page deliver a top-notch range of finishes using products such as Venetian stuccos, Marmorinos, Microcement, Liquid Metal FX, and Rock Finishes. We are based in the UK but work globally in locations worldwide, including Ibiza, Nice, Mallorca, Perth WA, Sydney, Canada VA, and South Spain. 

We exclusively employ products from Farbe Pisadecoracion, offering over 100 distinct finishes including Venetian stucco clásico, marmorino romano, and microcement. 

Additionally, we offer a very strong Microcement from Microesti, ideal for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Its versatility has led to it being increasingly present in renovations of private homes and commercial premises.

Our range is further expanded with Liquid Metal FX, allowing us to create a variety of metal finishes, including heavy textures and sheet metal-like designs. Combining Liquid Metal FX with Microestil products enables us to offer an even wider range of finishes to our clients.

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